Vehicle Sunroof Repair and Replacement

We service every make and model including finding new and used replacement parts for factory and aftermarket installed sunroofs. Several things can cause a sunroof to malfunction and there is no way to diagnose over the phone. As a result, sunroof repairs require in-shop inspection for diagnosis. Inspections typically take a maximum of one hour and, if we do the repairs, 100% of the inspection charge is credited towards the repair. Dominion Auto Glass is your vehicle sunroof repair and replacement specialist.

Sunroof's, T-Tops, Moon Roof's, and more!

Our team has replaced glass, seals, and parts on hundreds of glass adorned vehicle tops. No matter what make and model your vehicle is, we have the expertise you are looking for. Most of the time we can locate a used part that may cost up to 50% less than the manufacture suggested retail price (MSRP). However, if a used part is not available, we will contact our suppliers on your behalf to obtain price and availability for new aftermarket or OEM parts.

Leak Proof Installation

There are several different reasons that cause a sunroof to leak. If your sunroof opens to the inside (inbuilt sunroof), you may have a blocked drain hose that we can often repair in less than an hour. If your sunroof opens to the outside (spoiler or pop-up sunroof) try cleaning the rubber or foam seal and the glass with warm soapy water first. If the sunroof still leaks, we can fix it! Dominion Auto Glass guarantee’s that all sunroof installations will let the sun in and keep the rain out!

Workmanship Guarantee

If you have a problem with your auto glass, then we have a problem. Bring it back and we’ll fix it right away! We don’t just ensure that our work is our bond, we prove it.

If we wouldn't drive it, neither should you!

We Guarantee:

  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • Only crash tested adhesives
  • Sealant guaranteed for the life of the windshield against leakage (not caused by rust)
  • Top quality glass products (OE/OEM and aftermarket) from the most reputable suppliers only
  • 90-day windshield guarantee against pressure cracks (with no visible rock pit along the crack)
  • No bare or exposed metal left to rust
  • No compromise on your safety

Do You Have A Windshield Related Insurance Claim?

Dominion Auto Glass works with every insurance company. Give us a call first, and our friendly reception will provide everything that you need to know to seamlessly complete your insurance claim. All insurance customers can choose their own preferred service provider. In some cases, we can submit the claim on your behalf.

We're Rated 5-Stars On Google


"Honestly they deserve more than 5 stars. The service from beginning to end was excellent. Branden is a life saver. He fixed our sunroof for pennies in comparison to what others were quoting."

– Rema E.

"Fast and friendly service! Been to Dominion twice for chip repairs and both times the service was fantastic."

– Omar R.

"Not only does Dominion offer quality work but they also have exceptional customer service. They went above and beyond replacing our sunroof at a 1/4 of the cost of the dealership. This is the place to go for not only sunroof but all glass repairs."

– Tristan