Quality Chip and Crack Repair for Damaged Auto Glass

Dominion Auto Glass has been repairing windshield chips and short cracks for over 30 years. Tons of gravel dumped on Alberta’s roads in the winter, rocks bouncing off heavy trucks 365 days a year, and constant temperature fluctuations makes western Canada one of the windshield replacement capitals of the world. Prevent costly windshield replacements by having chips and short cracks filled by our qualified technicians as soon as you notice them. Dominion Auto Glass is your windshield chip and crack repair specialists.

Effective March 1, 2020, Dominion Auto Glass no longer provides this service.

Fast and Easy Glass Repair To Get you back on the road and on to your day.

How quickly should you repair chip? Short cracks and chips can often be repaired to ‘like new’ quality the same day you call. Temperature, or more precisely, different temperatures on the same windshield is the primary reason windshields chips crack. Moisture in a chip that is allowed to freeze may cause the chip to crack.

PRO TIP: If you’ve just noticed a chip in your windshield put a piece of clear tape over it. This will prevent debris and moisture from entering the chip resulting in a better repair.

The TLC Motto and Quality of Our Work

When it comes to auto glass, we do not cheap out on quality at your expense. Our team of staff and technicians are well trained to offer you the most accurate information and the highest-level of service. Every Dominion Auto Glass Technician has passed a rigorous training process. All of our super car technicians have no less than 15 years’ experience.

We Repair all Types of Glass Damage

Overhead exploded view of Car showing windows with chips and cracks | Dominion Auto Glass
  • Chip repair for all makes and models.
  • Squeaks rattles and window leaks repaired
  • Long cracks repaired safely

Workmanship Guarantee

If you have a problem with your auto glass, then we have a problem. Bring it back and we’ll fix it right away! We don’t just ensure that our work is our bond, we prove it.

If we wouldn't drive it, neither should you!

We Guarantee:

  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • Only crash tested adhesives
  • Sealant guaranteed for the life of the windshield against leakage (not caused by rust)
  • Top quality glass products (OE/OEM and aftermarket) from the most reputable suppliers only
  • 90-day windshield guarantee against pressure cracks (with no visible rock pit along the crack)
  • No bare or exposed metal left to rust
  • No compromise on your safety

Do You Have A Windshield Related Insurance Claim?

Dominion Auto Glass works with every insurance company. Give us a call first, and our friendly reception will provide everything that you need to know to seamlessly complete your insurance claim. All insurance customers can choose their own preferred service provider. In some cases, we can submit the claim on your behalf.

Happy Customers from Google Reviews


"Brayden provided quick and high quality service. The office staff is always friendly and ready to help. The rock chip was repaired on my truck in less than 15 min and you can hardly tell the chip was ever there."

– Alan T.

"I was on the Deerfoot and a huge bolt flew out of nowhere and hit the windshield of my truck. I had to get it addressed right away, so I checked on Google and found Dominion Autoglass. Unbelievable, top-notch service, I would give them 10 stars if I could. "

– Ethan K.

"All the individuals I've dealt with at the shop are very pleasant and customer focused. I'm like a rock chip magnet, and with 3 vehicles I've lost count on my repairs but I can say the service remains consistent."

– Wanda M.