Quality Windshield Replacement at an Affordable Price

Replacing a windshield is more than just putting new glass in a vehicle. At Dominion Auto Glass, we not only offer our services at an affordable price, we also guarantee our work. Trusted by luxury dealers and owners across Canada, you can be sure that we have you and your vehicle’s best interest in mind.


Daily Drivers

Need to get your car back on the road? We service all makes and models in our shop, your home, or at the office.


Luxury Vehicles

Protect your investment with precision and attention to details. We specialize in high-end luxury vehicles – from Aston Martin to Rolls Royce, and everything in between.


Classics and Hotrods

Need someone you can trust with your collector car? We’ll treat your hot rod, classic, or antique like it was ours.


Heavy Equipment

When the glass in your equipment is compromised, you can’t afford to risk your safety or prolonged downtime. We’ll get you up and running fast.


RV & Marine Craft Glass

Weather can be tough on glass and it’s bonding agents. Dominion gives you clarity while keeping the elements at bay.


Custom Autoglass

Have a unique vehicle that needs a special piece of glass? How about a train in your back yard? Yup. If it moves and has glass, we can fix it!