Quality Windshield Repair and Replacement for One-of-a-Kind Classic Automobiles and Custom Hot Rods

Dominion Auto Glass has over 30 years of experience providing exceptional glass repair and replacement for vintage vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, and rat rods. Whether you want to win first prize at a car show, a warm weather ride to the next show and shine, or build an inexpensive rat rod built from spare parts, our team has the glass solutions you are looking for.

Your Source for that Hard to Find Classic and Vintage Auto Glass

Broken curved glass? Dominion Auto Glass can not make custom curved glas, but we do have a comprehensive list of suppliers that stock almost every curved glass made. On the rare occasion that your curved glass is obsolete, we have suppliers that build custom curved glass or we may be able to locate and cut down an existing window with the same curve as yours.

Broken flat glass? If it is flat, we can build it! AS1 (windshield) laminated, AS2 laminated, or tempered, we have the expertise and tools to cut and polish your project to your expectations.

Need a pattern? We have almost 1000 flat glass patterns in stock for vehicles that date as far back as the 20’s. If your pattern is not part of our inventory, we will provide instruction on how you can make a pattern or, if we are installing the glass, we will gladly make the pattern for you.


One of a kind flat glass colour? We stock laminated flat glass in clear, green, light grey, dark grey, light bronze, dark bronze, and green with blue shade. If you want your laminated vehicle glass to be one of a kind, we can order AS1 (windshield) or AS2 laminated glass in over 100 different colours. Annealed (tempered) glass is readily available in clear, green, light grey, dark grey, and bronze.

Chopping your roof? We have years of experience cutting and sanding windshields down to the size you need. CAUTION: If you are thinking of chopping your roof, please contact us first or at least contact us before you paint. Our experience can turn a chopped headache into a chopped dream; take advantage!

V-Butt installation? Now we’re talking. We have been cutting and installing v-butt windshields for decades. Our experience can turn a work into a work of art!

Need rubber gaskets, whiskers, glass run channel, felts, clips, and/or generic moldings? Our experience has uniquely equipped us to know the good, bad, and absolute ugly in the vintage vehicle glass accessory world. We stock several glass related accessories that will help you keep your hair as long as possible.

Workmanship Guarantee

If you have a problem with your auto glass, then we have a problem. Bring it back and we’ll fix it right away! We don’t just ensure that our work is our bond, we prove it.

If we wouldn't drive it, neither should you!

We Guarantee:

  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • Only crash tested adhesives
  • Sealant guaranteed for the life of the windshield against leakage (not caused by rust)
  • Top quality glass products (OE/OEM and aftermarket) from the most reputable suppliers only
  • 90-day windshield guarantee against pressure cracks (with no visible rock pit along the crack)
  • No bare or exposed metal left to rust
  • No compromise on your safety

Do You Have A Windshield Related Insurance Claim?

Dominion Auto Glass works with every insurance company. Give us a call first, and our friendly reception will provide everything that you need to know to seamlessly complete your insurance claim. All insurance customers can choose their own preferred service provider. In some cases, we can submit the claim on your behalf.

Happy Customers from Google Reviews


"I just had a windshield replaced in my Porsche. Kraig and Trevor did a perfect job. I'll never trust my cars to anyone else again. The last place that did my windshield on this car cut corners and the windshield was uneven with the car frame. It looked awful. Thanks guys for making my car look great again."

– Jeff W.

"These guys are great! They've done a half dozen windshields for me over the years and just fixed two stone chips on another. I know I can trust them with my car."

– Stanley M.

"Kraig the owner is one of the best if not the best in the province. I know of people that will travel even from out of province to get him to do their glass, especially high end and classic cars. Whatever shape and size you need talk to him and he'll get it done."

– Rob M.