Custom Auto Glass Specialists

Whether you’re customizing a classic, building a one-of-a-kind road machine, or repairing a specialized vehicle, the glass in your vehicle requires a unique set of talents and experience that only Dominion can offer. We’ve been there, seen it, and done that. Our highly experienced team will have the solution for your vehicle project.

Note: We do NOT make Custom Curved Windshields.

Precisely Manufactured and Tailored to Fit

Working on something really special? Every project vehicle is unique. We custom design, cut, and shape flat glass to fit your project.


In the Shop or On Site Installation

If your vehicle can’t be driven or transported to our shop we can even cut, shape, and install auto glass on site. In some rare cases, it’s best if we get the details, manufacture the flat glass in our shop, then install on site. We ensure that we use only the best products for your project.


More than 30 years of experince in the custom glass business

The Dominion Auto Glass team has seen it all. From custom cars, vintage vehicles, heavy machinery, buses, and light-rail windshields we've done it all. If we can't supply (and it's flat glass you need) it we can cut it, shape it, and install it.

Workmanship Guarantee

If you have a problem with your auto glass, then we have a problem. Bring it back and we’ll fix it right away! We don’t just ensure that our work is our bond, we prove it.

If we wouldn't drive it, neither should you!

We Guarantee:

  • 1 year workmanship guarantee
  • Only crash tested adhesives
  • Sealant guaranteed for the life of the windshield against leakage (not caused by rust)
  • Top quality glass products (OE/OEM and aftermarket) from the most reputable suppliers only
  • 90-day windshield guarantee against pressure cracks (with no visible rock pit along the crack)
  • No bare or exposed metal left to rust
  • No compromise on your safety