How Do You Repair Cracked Windshields?

We have found that repairing cracks with chip repair resin (low viscosity)—a shortcut many shops use—will almost always fail.

We have tested several different repair systems and Crackmaster is the first one we found that could properly restore a cracked windshield. Cracks almost always start from the edge of the windshield and they vary in openness or tightness as they move away from the edge. At the edge they are open and you can usually feel them with your fingernail but as you move toward the end of the crack it becomes very tight and hard to feel. We also know that when a crack repair fails it usually reopens at the (open) edge.

We us several different resins that vary in viscosity (thickness). The high viscosity (thick) resin—the strongest resin—fills the edge where the most strength is needed and as we move toward the end of the crack where it is tight we step down in viscosity (thinner) so that the tighter crack will still fill.

What’s the Black Band Around My Windshield?

The strong adhesives in today’s windshields are also UV sensitive and therefore require a black band around the perimeter to protect it. This also mean the band heats up in the sun more than the rest of the windshield. But keep in mind hot glass cracks quickly if there is a chip near the heat. Just think of all the times you have watched a chip or crack spread in the winter when you turned your defrost on.

How Long of a Windshield Crack Can You Repair?

Dominion Auto Glass is a Crackmaster franchise owner which means we employ a patented process for repairing long windshield cracks that delivers excellent results. This process can repair cracks up to 12 inches long but we strongly recommend you repair them before they get that long because cracks will fill with debris—especially in the winter when there is chemicals on the road—reducing the strength of the repair, plus you pay by the inch.